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Claymore is a PSA Licenced Investigation company working with small and large Legal Firms, Legal Teams and Solicitors in the pursuit of cases.

Claymore will investigate on behalf of our legal clients in many different areas and assist in substantiating and obtaining evidence through searching records and systems, coordinating this with door to door enquiries and through discreet enquires with our qualified field agents and covert surveillance. We have assisted in both tracing people and tracing companies and have provided evidence to assist in all manner of cases, from establishing evidence of liability to obtaining evidence of a persons, or companies, true activities.

As part of our investigation service, we provide a number of varied tracing services to some established Financial Institutions and legal businesses.  As part of these services, we also provide a Summons Service, should a client require a person or company to attend court to answer cases, this service can also assist the client to call debtors to account. Recently we have introduced a tracing service where letters have been returned to a client, marked gone away. We will arrange to establish the person’s true whereabouts and furnish a client with a clearer picture of their circumstances. We conduct Due Diligence checks on businesses and individuals, as a means of authenticating standing moratoriums and agreements that are not being honoured, assisting clients in obtaining a fairer reflection of a debtor’s true circumstance, should they be suspected of concealing their potential to repay a loan.

We are also providing assistance in matrimonial disputes and have provided legal assistance in the hearing of cases of maintenance and the discovery and distribution of assets. We are also providing assistance in authenticating estranged spouse/ partners work activities, where they have stated they are not earning in a meaningful capacity and have reneged or reduced support payments.
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