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Claymore Security Services, is a private investigation and security company based in Cork, primarily involved in private investigations and private security projects, on behalf of Insurance companies,  Legal Firms, Financial Institutes, Public Bodies and Private Companies. The company is in business for over twenty years and has a wealth of experience in conducting investigations and security projects. Our staff is principally of military and police backgrounds and have obtained a reputation of achieving successful results and obtaining vital evidence in all manner of investigations.

Due to the ever changing markets today, we have developed and continue to develop to meet the needs of clients, we are always willing to work with clients, who for various reasons, require services designed to their particular sector. In doing so we can develop aspects of our services to complement Clients needs and assist them in overcoming various difficulties.

Should you require our services, contact us by email or telephone at our offices confidentially any time. Our telephones and emails are monitored outside of business hours and an agent will return the call promptly should your call be of an urgent nature. We offer the first telephone consultation free, this insures that the Client is under no obligation to obtain our services and affords both our clients and Claymore with the opportunity to assess the case, before any agreement to undertake the project is established.

We conduct business under the strict confidentiality and all matters discussed are treated accordingly. We have been servicing the industry for over twenty five years and enjoy a clean reputation in handling sensitive data, our clients can be assured that any case discussed is kept private and confidential at all times and all evidence is obtained legitimately and without breaching data protection guidelines.

Below is a list of some of the services we provide, should your enquiry fail to fit any of the listed services, just contact us and we will discuss your case and requirements, or tailor a service to your needs.

Insurance Fraud, Exaggerated Injury, Surveillance, Tracing, moved from address, Service of Documents, Summons Service, company theft, company due diligence check, employee activity check.


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